I couldn't think of a good title.  Sorry.  I just like the way this quote (in context; read the link.  it's great.) points out that research must hit the road directly, and making the practice heuristic can be a detriment to getting things done.  What you learned in undergrad., even the ability to make what you learned easy for others to understand, isn't always enough to become a practitioner.  Take that, Nemo.

From Eric Lippert in 2008. Arrays considered somewhat harmful - Fabulous Adventures In Coding - Site Home - MSDN Blogs:
The difficulty is, pedagogically, that it is hard to discuss the merits of those tools without already having down concepts like classes, interfaces, generics, asymptotic performance, query expressions, and so on. It’s a hard problem for the writer and for the teacher. Fortunately, for me, it's not a problem that I personally have to solve.

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