Learn More About Software Offers - SourceForge.net:

At installation time you'll be prompted to consider one or more third-party offers, which you’re under no obligation to accept. However, we hope you’ll consider it, because by doing that you'll make possible for us to share advertising revenues with those projects.

(This is from my latest download of FileZilla -- "Transmit, when are you going xplat?" he asked wistfully.  ;^D)

Even in the age of GitHub, I like SourceForge.  You know [okay okay, you don't; I could upload any zip I want to SF if I want] simply by virtue of the URL what you're getting -- open source software.  But I hate this sort of forced spam.  Java/Oracle has been doing it lately too, which the "opt in" checkboxes clicked, so a Nexter is in trouble.

Java's is classless.  SF's is close.  They have Decline buttons in SF's and there is a nice link asking, "Why am I seeing this?" that hits the page, above, but I really don't like the way cash has invaded installation of f/Free software.

It might be micropayment/fundraising time for SF?  I don't know, but I do know that I hate this.

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