How to delete ALL mail messages from iPhone/iPad in one step | Conferences That Work:

Yes, there is a way to delete all your unwanted iPhone/iPad emails from the Mail app in one operation! No more left-swipe:tap Trash for every individual message. No more Edit: tap the single open circle next toevery individual message and finally tapping Trash. And you don’t need to jail break your device.

The fact that this is 1.) desired and 2.) difficult to find is a major Apple fail.

I've got over 6 gigs of "Other" on my 16 gig iPhone 5S (never again.  I see the folly of my cheapskate ways -- I realize I'm waaaaay overpaying for space by paying $100 per 8 gigs, but it's sooooo worth it in retrospect.  Yes, vowels were on sale today).  I used to think maybe it was Downcast, but I don't think so after having deleted podcasts like crazy.  I think their space is in "Apps".  Once, it was Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth app (can't recall if that's the app name), which downloaded crudloads of extra content as you waded through.  That's gone.

It has to be Mail.

Someone needs to write a reasonable mail app.  Daggum day job sapping all of my programming time.  ;^)

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