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Additionally, mobile web traffic has grown substantially (especially at certain times: nights and weekends we see 60-70% of all traffic on mobile/tablet) and ad performance on mobile is much less effective, where mobile pages only make about 1/3 to 1/10th as much as a desktop page. 

I understand the point Marco Arment's trying to make about MetaFilter, which is that Google really is the 800 lbs gorilla when it comes to ad supported web sites.

But for me, it's the decrease in ads revenue in the move to mobile that's the most interesting.  Why did people stop clicking links?  Are folks really clicking less?  Were traditional browser viewers opening links in new tabs and never really paying them attention?  Is it because mobile devices are so poor at dealing with more open windows?

If there's at all a correlation between mobile users and number of windows users would have open, let's go ahead and admit that most ad dollars are coming from very technical users.

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