On Streaming: Apple, Beats & Spotify | Om Malik:

Just for giggles: I compared how many people followed Beyonce and Taylor Swift on Spotify and the numbers were 1.59 million and 1.55 million. On Beats, Beyonce had about 80,000 followers and Taylor Swift had about 26,000 followers. In other words, for now, Spotify is a better place for musicians to make a push.

I realize you could call this a barriers to entry issue, and that growth from 80k to 1.6 million is set up to be geometric rather than linear, but I haven't seen a better example of how far behind Apple must be in streaming for them to push out this much cash for Beats.

I also understand that Beats is allegedly making insane revenue selling its headphones.  That makes the purchase price make more sense, not the purchase itself.

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