I give up.  I was going to blog about brittle code in jslint.js, but instead I think I'm inching closer to leaving Blogger after almost 13 years.  In the last few years, the changes Google's made to the composition tools have made it excruciating difficult to write and edit (compose, right) blog posts.

How can Pyra have gotten this so much "righter" a decade ago?

Here's what I sent them that their robots will enjoy reading.  I don't normally like to complain in feedback, but this is a reasonably important service for me, and they're botching the crap out of it. The usability trendline should not be a consistent cliff.

Heavens only knows what's going to happen to the ampersands in this paste.  Hopefully just using the compose window works.
Good grief folks, can we roll back to the old pyra editor?  I've put the following text into the HTML pane:

filter.first.first.id === '.' &&
filter.first.first.first.first &&
filter.first.first.first.first.string === 'Object' &&

and when I look back in the Compose pane, the &'s from the html are turned into &.  Should the code be &?  Yes.  Should the HTML display in the Compose window be & (with code of &)?  Good heavens no.

Look, I appreciate the work, but between the BlogThis formatting trouble and the "quirks" in the edit page, it's getting close to time to leave blogger (I've been blogging here since 2001).  I spend more time formatting than writing.

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