Finally sprung for a 512 Gig Crucial SSD, as recommended on the Wirecutter. Didn't realize it came with an Acronis key, and spent too long searching for something to clone my drive -- and then getting Macrium set up once I chose it. Happy to say its recovery boot DVD route went off without a hitch.

Wow. Fast. Don't ever buy a box without an SSD. I keep trying to "challenge" it by opening old, disk painful apps. BAM. They're up. Reboot super fast. I even love not hearing the dang thing. My Lenovo T430 has a pretty loud fan, but now that's the only noise, which is more wonderful than I would've expected.

I'm an idiot for buying an iMac with platters. That was not a good deal. Trying to figure out an easier way than this to replace the drive, wondering if I can cut a slit in the back and pull just the ribbon out. /sigh

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