From TechCrunch:

"Apple's price of admission for 5K goodness is steep, with prices starting at $2,499 (plus additional fees for custom configurations) but it's worth every penny."

Man, I hate these sorts of pronouncements. $2500 is a lot of money. Good, serviceable (and new) laptops run as little as $250. Lets pretend we're computer shopping, we make forty grand a year, and have kids. Are we really going to part with over five percent of our pretax yearly salary for 3x pixels?

I've heard David Smith and Marco Arment argue for the usefulness of a retina display coupled to a high-powered desktop *for iOS app development*, but I'm pretty sure TechCrunch was assuming a broader audience here.

Worth is a relative term, and one that doesn't belong in even so much as a figurative sense in a trustworthy review. Disappointing.