Playing with Powershell, SourceTree (which doesn't diff UTF-16, apparently), PowerGUI, lots of csv files, and Excel means I'm getting encoding crazy. The more I study, though, the happier I am with the decision to swap SqlDbSharp to UTF-8.

Anyhow, to rosetta stone everything to UTF-8, making SourceTree happy, I'm setting encodings with this in VIm.
set fileencoding=utf-8

(Admittedly, I'd rather be using PowerShell ISE than PowerGUI (the latter, at least, defaults to UTF-16, and I needed an "Add-on" to fix it) but PowerShell ISE doesn't seem to notice when I've edited a file with another editor. PowerGUI does, so it's in the rotation for now.)

I'll probably sum all the crazy Excel/csv encoding stuff I've learned in an exciting future post. Spoiler: What a mess.

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