The relationship with Superfish is not financially significant; our goal was to enhance the experience for users.  We recognize that the software did not meet that goal and have acted quickly and decisively.

Well, I think Lenovo's relationship with Superfish is financially significant *now*... 

I'm almost to the point that I'd only buy a Windows laptop from the Microsoft Store, which (afaict) doesn't include any third party cruft. I realize this Superfish boondoggle didn't include Thinkpads, but Lenovo can't put the genie back into the bottle. Huge loss of trust that anyone could pretend this was a good idea. 

Their statement to NextWeb doesn't make me feel any better. They thought a system wide self-signed cert with an insecure password (not that a better pwd would've really been better) was a good idea? Are there no engineers signing off on the final disk images there? Wow. 

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