Watching files grow to see when a process that's writing to them ends is a little like watching grass grow. But there are easier ways than ls -alF followed by arrow up, return, followed by arrow up, return, followed by arrow up, return... This is really neat -- if you add a -d for the first option (differences), you can get the changes in the command highlighted in realish time too, which is awesome.

You can use the very handy command watch

watch -n 10 "ls -ltr"

And you will get a ls every 10 seconds.

And if you add a tail -10 you will only get the 10 newest.

watch -n 10 "ls -ltr|tail -10"

So watch -d -n 10 "ls -ltr|tail -10" ftw.

Also neat was to learn a bit more about tail and how it is less "tail end of the file" as much as it is, "Put a tail on that file and tell me where it goes." Every time the file updates, bam, you get the lines that were appended. That's cool.

You can use tail command with -f :

tail -f /var/log/syslog

It's good solution for real time show.

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