Ah, the elusive dependency-free datepicker.

A refreshing JavaScript Datepicker

Lightweight (less than 5kb minified and gzipped) No dependencies (but plays well with Moment.js) Modular CSS classes for easy styling Sounds good, anyhow, and it looks like it's been around for years. Might be worth some testing.

I'm starting to hook up the html side of my node app, and I'm trying to stay pretty 3rd party library lean. But there's no reason whatsoever to reinvent the date picker. Hope it actually understands dates, though. Dates aren't fun in any language.

(Okay, well, actually, dates are lots of fun, and I've got a SO question on date diffing that I really would like to have enough time to return to. One of the answers posted after mine set up some unit tests that it ran against each existing answer, and my answer, though performing reasonably well, fails a few. (My answer was about as good as Skeet's at the time (failed and passed about as many tests, iirc)! I think Skeet was grossly overcomplicating the process, but it's been a while, and I've got to go back to check when I have some real time), fails a few.)