Our IT guy just relayed a priceless message from Sharepoint that "explains" problems we're having accessing Sharepoint today. Honestly, it's classic.

If you’re having problems accessing SharePoint today, we just got this:

 “Current Status: Engineers are analyzing the service infrastructure to identify the root cause of impact and formulate a remediation plan.

User Experience: Affected users are experiencing latency when accessing or rendering SharePoint Online sites.” 

That “latency” can be several seconds to 10 minutes.

The blue stuff is from Sharepoint, the rest from our IT guy (who is a bright, often funny, and thankfully competent dude).

You can't make this stuff up. I taught business and technical writing for four semesters while TAing in grad school. I'm not sure I could have taught folks to be this perfectly horrible if I'd tried my darnedest. Wow. In a strange, perverted sense, this was perfectly written.

Just for fun, let's translate:

We don't know why Sharepoint is hanging for up to 10 minutes, but we're going to try and fix it as soon as we can.

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