I've had a burning desire to make a mail client for, well, decades, I think I can finally say. It's been a pretty popular space recently, but two more announcements have me even more scart [sic].

First, what had been a very quiet Postbox finally hit version 4. Argh. I thought they'd left the game, though I guess it's good business news that they've come back. And daggum Brent Simmons quit his night job and did so because...

I decided to leave because I wasn’t working on the software that I’ve been obsessed with for more than a decade.

Gosh, I wonder what that could be. I mean, honestly, on some level, it's insanely egocentric of me to think we share an obsession. On the other hand, well, wouldn't that just beat all?

I think at some point you just have to tell yourself screw it, I can make something as good or better for enough folks that it still makes sense to try, and just give that cockiness a roll. But man, it was a crowded space already. Guess I'll at least stop wanting to scratch the itch once I've, well, scratched it, and then I can get on with my life. ;^)

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