From the numbers released by the Dustforce team, a game that's on the currently indie Humble Bundle at the "pay anything" level:

The Humble Bundle was a great success: we made roughly $153,915, and unlike the last promotion, we did notice an increase in Steam sales afterwards. With such a huge boost in the number of people playing Dustforce, the amount of daily sales jumped up from under a dozen to around 50 or 60 copies per day. [Emphasis mine -mfn]

If I see a game I want at a higher level in the Humble Bundle, I often check the going price really quickly to see if it's less for just that game, especially when I want to play on iOS. That's how I bagged 2-bit Cowboy, though I didn't find it nearly as engaging as I'd hoped.

I wondered if what the Dustforce guys saw means others are doing the same thing. That is, being in a bundle is great marketing to a new audience, which can drive sales for people who aren't necessarily paying tons of attention to the "obvious" sales channels.

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