From CNet:

Also working in Apple's favor: iPhone owners already use Siri for other simple tasks. About 42 percent of iPhone owners turn to Siri at least once a month, according to ComScore.

Is it just me, or is that number waaaay under where you would've expected it'd be?

I try to tell folks to use Siri for directions, which it's pretty good at providing, and which seems to, surprisingly, be a difficult thing for folks to do on their own "by hand". I can almost get it to text for me too, especially when I'm plugged in in the car. "Hey, Siri. Text [pseudo Siri-phonetic pronounciation] blah blah some message blah."

But half of iPhone users not even playing with Siri once a month? That seems like a fail. I wonder how many iPhone users in that survey still have iPhones that can't use Siri. It can't be many. Forty-two percent, though a famous number, here is a real fail.

That said, the point of the CNet piece -- that Siri will be AppleMusic's differentiator -- is interesting. Their example "play the top 10 alternative songs now" is actually pretty compelling. It's Pandora stations with potentially static, user-defined rules on demand. That's pretty cool. Of course, see why I think Apple's (naturally?) moving to streaming music to keep your grain of salt handy.

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