As evidenced by the last post, I've been boning up on my JSP & Java Servlet skillz this week as we prepare to migrate an app I prototyped in Node over to a WebLogic host, its eventual home.

I thought it'd be safe to develop against Tomcat, but wasn't absolutely sure, so I started googling around a little. So far, so good. Looks like vanilla Tomcat has, at worst, a subset of the features of every other major servlet container.

One of the most promising articles by title, WebSphere vs. JBoss vs. WebLogic vs. Tomcat – presentation from the InterConnect 2015 (it's got everything! All the major servlet containers! It's from this year!) turned out to be a painful foray into marketing-by-blog from IBM, but there was one bonus, the slide (which is now above, but will later be) below:

So 90% of TOC for a software system isn't licensing. That's probably true to no-worse-than-trueish.

An interesting exercise, however, would be to put numbers -- okay, okay, first you have to recategorize ("Developer, admin and end-user training cost" falls in the same category? RLY? etc) -- beside each of the other categories.

Though it's worth saying that a 9% savings is significant any way you look at it, especially for garage-companies where developer and admin cost is paid in elbow grease.

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