Was considering starting a podcast, because all the kids are doing it these days. Picking an intro piece is probably the second toughest chore, right after picking a podcast hosting service. Which is just north of finding good podcast service reviews. You know, unlike this one:

"So, what would the perfect podcasting media host be? It would be free, with a business model that would ensure it wouldn't close down."

Ouch. Much reasonable. Very doable. (Quelle irony.)

So after too many hours researching, it looks like you either throw $5 a month at libsyn or blubrry, use & pay Amazon S3 while you're small (but pay through the nose if you accidentally get popular, or someone grabs your backcatalog), try to work around some somewhat sleezy actions by podbean (so mainly figuring out how not to let them post your RSS feed to iTunes), or deal with 90 days and gone at buzzsprout -- though I think it's only free for 90 days, not free hosting for 90 days and then the file is gone. So that's probably out too.

Btw, $50 is too much for an RSS editor.

Edit: I think the best postcast host recommendation I've seen is from David Smith, who says to shell out for a $10/month Linode account. Get a host to do whatever you want, backed by SSDs and 24 gigs of space to do, well, anything. I think that's the route I'm taking, as it'll stop me from using the deadbeat host I'm using now, and from wishing I had something up at MacMiniColo. $10 a month is a pretty good deal for your "own" server.

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