The good:
  • I love the San Francisco font. Much easier to read than before on the tiny devices.
  • News isn't all bad.

The bad:
  • iOS decided to sign my alt-Apple ID out of Game Center and sign me in with the ID I use on the rest of my phone. That's not exactly cool.
  • My iPod touch 5th gen is showing its age. 
    • A fair number of crashes.
    • A little more "chrome slow-down" now that I'm on iOS 9, I think.
  • Safari content blockers apparently require 64-bit procs.
    • I know; that really belongs in the previous set of "my touch is old".
    • Yes, I know there are lots of jokes that come with that phrase.
  • This:

A few weeks after I got my Lumia 640, which is a super phone, other than the lack of apps, I gave up my iPhone 5S to "cash in" so that I could grab an iPhone 7 in a year. I'm resisting getting a 6S, but this poor touch isn't quite up to the job.

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