Woohoo, my first StackOverflow tag badge, just short of four years in (pretty sad, actually)! I mostly just sit on JSLint, so I doubt I'll get many others, with one hopefully notable exception. ;^)

Luckily JSLint and Javascript (obviously) overlap quite a bit, and I've answered just enough plain jane javascript questions (seems there's a surprisingly "popular" Knockout one) to get to 100 in JS a little faster than JSLint (I'm at 89 right now), which is neat. I'm hoping to be the second to get a JSLint tag badge. [James Allardice](https://stackoverflow.com/users/790695/james-allardice) is the only guy who has a JSLint badge at the moment, and though I kind of feel I'm often plowing over ground he already farmed to nothing years ago, it looks like I've got a chance to become the second, perhaps through inertia (a few of my JSLint questions keep getting votes, so even if I'm not first to answer the few new questions, I keep progressing. It's like a SO investment).

Luckily you have to answer more than 20 questions in a tag to get the badge, or lots of people would've beaten the heck out of me. So it's neat to be getting close.

I can't imagine spending so much time on the site that you get gold tag badges... I guess there are many, many tags more popular than JSLint that have tons more questions, and perhaps tons more low-hanging fruit, but you still have to do the work, you know? I'm glad folks do, but wow... that's a lot of work.

I hope more and more employers are catching on to how important and insightful a great SO user (so those much better than me!) can be. Not only are great SO users knowledgeable, they are wired to share that knowledge, and share it in a way that others appreciate and can understand. That's who you want to hire.