Is it wrong to say that you won't work on any projects that use source control other than git? Or at least say that you won't work on projects based in TFS? I mean, it's problems like these that tend to drive me absolutely batty...

StackOverflow question:
Why Why WHY doesn't TFS's get latest work consistently?

You would have thought that feature would have been tested thoroughly.

What I have to do is, get specific version, then check both overwrite writetable files + overwrite all files.

Is my local setup messed up or you do this also?
Normally, I'd bash a question that poorly and emotionally written too, but in this case, I feel the poster's pain.

And here's the answer (with a solution I'd already encountered, since this Get Latest bug isn't a rare one, apparently):

TFS redefined what "Get Latest" does. In TFS terms, Get Latest means get the latest version of the files, but ignore the ones that the server thinks is already in your workspace. Which to me and just about everyone else on the planet is wrong.

See this link:

The only way to get it to do what you want is to Get Specific Version, then check both of the "Overwrite ..." boxes.

Emphasis on the solution mine.

That's awful. I've lost hours on hours fixing things in both git and TFS, but it's what I'm losing that time doing that's so starkly different. In TFS, it's been stuff like forced baseless merges and incredibly complex things (he said SARCASTICALLY!!!) like "Get Latest". In git, it's pretty much always been when I've screwed something up, pushed, and need to retroactively fix it.

Say it with me (with obvious apologies to Frank)...

TFS is the mind-killer.  TFS is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face TFS. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the TFS has gone there will be nothing. Only git will remain.