In my continuing trials with customizing the heck out of a Kendo UI Grid, let's look at how to get the data that's being displayed. There doesn't seem to be a way to intercept the data (filters, maybe? Remember that I'm still new to this thing) and push it into another object, but you can grab it from the grid like this (taken from this SO answer...)

var displayedData = $("#YourGrid").data().kendoGrid.dataSource.view();

And here's a description of the different objects the grid exposes (aka, there are alternatives to `view`):

Store your original data. This data is used in batch update. When we click on Cancel changes button at that time Grid will take original data from here.

Displayed currently applied data. If you change data in the grid then it will applied into this data.

Based on your pagesize and pageindex whatever databinded to your grid. Ex: If you [bound] 100 [records] to grid but your page size is 10 then it will return only 10 records based in your page-index

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