Gruber on how CPU hungry the iTunes Music Store is:

It’s easy to pick on iTunes, but this is pretty egregious.

No, no the iTMS isn't egregious. 35% of my (admittedly getting older, but no slouch) CPU just to play songs is:

How can that be? How did iTunes even run on my old iMacs? ;^)

No, honestly, what setting is it that's killing perf? Equalizer? Auto volume? Insane. Inexcusable. I do more on my box than just play music, you know?

EDIT: Nope. Took off Sound Check and already had the equalizer off. For a while, it was riding 38-40%. Insane.

To compare, somehow, Elpis manages to play music from Pandora at 3-5%, tops. Embarrassing.

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