The new Snap in Windows 10 is nice. I'd been using WinSplit Revolution for years, through Windows 8 even in spite of the fact that it hasn't been supported for years itself. Its old URL seems to have a squatter now, pushing you to buy a new windows manager that's pay to play.

Snap isn't a horrible replacement. It does allow me to throw things to secondary monitors, etc, and position windows in at least seven different positions -- four corners, half screens split vertically, and default window. That plus Alt-Space, X means I've got most of what I miss.

What I hate, however, is the Snap Assist after you make a window fill half your screen, where Windows 10 decides you also have to pick the window that you want to display on the other half of your screen. This page says Microsoft said the following...

When arranging two windows side-by-side, we noticed in practice that this scenario frequently involved snapping the first window and then spending time wading through other windows on screen to find the second one to drag and snap. This insight lead us to ask: instead of making you hunt for the second window to snap, why not present a list of recently used windows up front? This is the fundamental idea behind Snap Assist in Windows 10.

No, no, heavens no. What a pain. I was starting to commit Windows-DirectionKey, Esc to memory, so it was high time to google a fix.

Luckily the fix is easy. Window, "Settings", Multitasking, and...

Now we're cooking.

It probably has something to do with the new i7-4790K and SSD, but wow, after a good, solid day working on it today, I really like Windows 10 so far.

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