No, no, I'm not nearly ready for app review. Instead, I'm relaying (via Michael Tsai) a fairly interesting post from (buried lede...) an indie development newsletter. (Aside: Have you noticed that email newsletters are picking back up some steam?)

Lots of rejections followed by acceptance

After building the app in just 3 months, I had to enjoy 3 more months of App Rejections before finally releasing it to the Apple Store.

It's an almost humorous self-prep case-study so that you know once you're done with an app, you're not done.

Unless you're on the Windows App Store, or at least the old Windows Phone 8 app store, which almost immediately approved my app when it had a show-stopping bug on launch once deployed on any device but mine, which was fun.

Which is to say, the Windows Phone app store reviewer didn't even open my app before approving it. Wow. Or maybe immediately crashing looked like a feature? ;^)

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