I'm testing WebView.InvokeScript in my UWP app, and think I've found my favorite test script...

    function (n) { n.src = "https://tafttest.com/200x200.png"; });

Here's the image that quick script puts into every img tag on the page.

insert alt text

This is from a service that produces any sized image of Taft you want, within reason. You just type in the dimensions you want (eg, https://tafttest.com/200x200.png), and up it comes.

It's like a gigantic hat. It's funny. Probably doesn't have to be Taft, but it's funny. Though not as funny as the one it'll give you if you grab a landscape...

insert alt text

insert alt text

I kind of like this one better, but I'm not sure of the copyright, unfortunately. ;^)

    function (n) { n.src = 


Again, funny.

swaggy T

Not funny? That a suggested further search is "Kittens with guns". What's wrong with the internet?

More about the Taft Test here.

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