Sling just added another base package to its stable. There are now two, which I'll call...

  1. Sling for ABC -- The Original
    1. ESPN
    2. ESPN2
    3. Disney
  2. Sling for FOX -- New
    1. Fox (normal, OTA Fox)
    2. FX
    3. Fox Sports 1
    4. Regional Fox sports channels

That last one is the game changer. Forget being able to stream three places at a time, having your regional sports for $20 is a huge deal. It used to be that you'd pay $120-$300 a season to watch out-of-area teams, but you had to pay full price for bundled cable to get your local games. Regional sports are insanely expensive.

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  • Sunday Ticket -- Full bundle plus $250
  • NBA League pass -- No bundle plus...
    • $200 for all out-of-area
    • $120 for a single team
  • -- No bundle plus
    • $85 for a single team
    • $110 for all out-of-area

The important take home is that cable and dish bundles with regional sports teams ran $60 and up a month. So for your typical season of four months or so, you're paying $240 to get in the local sports door, which is more than you paid to watch every other team.

Now, who cares about local blackouts? Just pay $20 a month and watch. I can finally watch Hornets and Braves (so Nats against Braves) for a fair price.

The launch of our new multistream service is exciting for a lot of reasons, but one in particular for baseball fans: along with FOX and FX, subscribers to the Sling TV Beta Multi-Stream service will have access to more sports than you can swing a Louisville Slugger at with FOX Sports 1, and applicable FOX-owned Regional Sports Networks (RSNs).

YES! When you sign up for the Sling TV Beta Multi-Stream service, your billing zip code will determine which FOX RSNs you’ll have access to. Baseball season just got a whole lot better!

Here are the teams featured on the various FOX Sports Local channels:

FOX Sports Arizona – Diamondbacks
FOX Sports Detroit – Tigers
FOX Sports Florida/Sun – Marlins, Devil Rays
FOX Sports Midwest – Cardinals, Royals
FOX Sports North – Brewers, Twins
FOX Sports Cincinnati – Reds
FOX Sports West/Prime Ticket – Angels
FOX Sports San Diego – Padres
FOX Sports South/Southeast – Braves
FOX Sports Southwest – Rangers
Sportstime Ohio – Indians
YES – Yankees
[emph mine]

But if you want ESPN, you're back to shelling out another $20. And if you want ESPN U and ESPN News, that's 20+5 = $25 a month more. Unless you can really eat just one from the a la carte line, you're right back in cable's lap. And if you don't have a Fox regional network, well, I'm sorry. That continues to stink.

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