Just got an email asking me how likely I was to recommend Ting on a ten point scale. I've been a customer for years, and it's exceptionally inexpensive if you don't use too much data. But though I used to say 8 or 9, today it's a 6.

Then they asked, "Why a 6?" Here we go...

RingPlus is just an insanely good deal so far. I worry about their business model, but the "free" plans that keep popping up that seem too good to be true aren't -- they really provide free service after your buy-in. It's CDMA only, but I have a few. So we've got 3 phones on Ting, but might transition another off soon.

Data is simply too expensive on Ting when there's such an inexpensive alternative, and I now encourage those with a CDMA phone or who don't mind using an inexpensive phone to go with RingPlus now instead of Ting, my old recommendation.

Honestly, if you've got a CDMA phone, it's a no-brainer. I'm on an unlimited plan right now. For $40 buy-in, I'm getting 500 megs LTE, unlimited texts, unlimited minutes, and unlimited 2G data after the 500 megs are out. For free. They've had 1.5 gig plans (again, for free, just without 2G fallback. Instead, they'd charge for overages) as well.

Some day the other shoe's going to drop, but until then... I even bought a new Sprint iPhone SE so I could burn through my 500 megs in record time.

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