I stopped by the local Apple Store today to play around with the MacBook again, just to see if it seemed faster after the upgrade this year and if I could stand its crazy keyboard switches. I still think the keyboard would be fine, after some breaking in [of me], and it's fast enough, I guess. I just fooled around with ESPN, scrolling like mad and running videos. I understand Xamarin Studio wouldn't scream, but it seems okay, especially if I'm just using it for mobile dev, not office dev.

(Aside: Does the MacBook not have force click? I went over to a 13" MacBook Pro, and it worked easily, but the MacBook 12" didn't pop-up the previews for Safari links like the MacBook Pro. Maybe someone had turned it off?)

Anyhow, on the way out, I picked up a Plus to see if I really wanted a phone that size. Secretly, I think I do. The real estate would be wonderful, even if the size in my pocket and hand might not be, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could rotate the home screen to widescreen, something the SE doesn't do.

But after some playing, it seemed slooooow to me. Too slow, I thought, to blame on the larger screen and extra pixels it's pushing around. It's not super-easy to figure out which phone you're using, so I looked up the model number. Was a 6 Plus, not a 6S Plus.

I didn't realize I'd become so spoiled. I know I've said the SE feels "like all I got was a new 5S". That's not wrong, Walter, but wow, after a little playing around, I can now say with a little more certainty, it's a great new 5S.

The downside, of course, is that I bet I'll have pretty fierce iPhone 7 Plus envy once it comes out. Even if the rumors are true that it's the same design as the 6 & 6S, give or take, a large phone that's "even faster" than my SE might pull on my wallet more than I'd like. I told myself I'd use this SE for two or three years, after all...

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