I was pulling my iPhone out of my pocket to plug in my headphones to listen while I work, and was annoyed with the time I was wasting.

You know what would be better? Wireless headphones. Duh.

You know what else helps me keep my phone in my pocket? The Apple watch. (Note: I don't own an Apple watch. Just a cheap mechanical one and an Ironman.)

Apple's really taking this digital hub thing seriously. I've never thought removing the headphone jack from the iPhone was crazy -- I didn't like the move, and have marveled at the headphone jack's longevity as a standard before, but I get it. If you invented a phone from scratch, would it have two ports that accept headphones or one?

I have to think Apple's removal of the jack and the close integration of the watch both point towards Apple hardware that's more digital hub than necessarily phone. If they can get the hub with internet connection in your watch, then poof, it's there.

Anyhow, the take home is that my wired headphones helped me see why Apple doesn't really care for folks using them. It's ugly. There are better ways to listen to your sound.

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