Okay, wait. To add a new filter in FogBugz, I first have to choose "Edit Current Filter"...

edit current filter menu location

... and then find the tiny "Save As" textbox by scrolling to the bottom of the page, which isn't visible by default on a 2560x1440 monitor?

save as ui in fogbugz

When I googled up creating a new filter, I found this page, which had an encouraging section:

There are number of controls that will help you manipulate and manage your filters:

  1. The Save control lets you save a filter with a name. After you have saved it, it appears in the Filters menu at the top of the screen. Saving a filter also saves which columns are selected, and the sort order. Additionally, once a filter is saved, you can share the filter with other FogBugz users.

No idea where that "control" is. When I searched for "save" there was no picture on that help page, nor was there anything other than the "Save As" in the edit filter page I've pictured, above.

I realize FogBugz is for technical users (and it didn't take me a really long time to find all of this), and perhaps I'm completely spacing on something obvious, but wow. Usability test much? I don't mind that it looks like crap, like something from the late 90s that's been "rewritten" to use ExtJS GUI widgets. Honestly, I don't. Who cares how pretty it is?

But it should be easy to make a filter. Right?

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