FLAC file playing in Windows Groove

Hello, kudos to Windows. Groove Player is playing FLAC format out of the box, as advertised, apparently.

I'm not an audio snob, but I sure do enjoy downloading free and legal shows from etree. They're usually in FLAC format now (no more shn, I don't think), and not having to convert them is wonderful. And it's nice not having to load a new codec to get things to play like I did on macOS for so long (thank you for years of use, Perian).

I've gotten to the point that I enjoy using the Windows Groove player okay. It's so much more straightforward than iTunes now, and its Metro style/UWP GUI is a huge improvement over Windows Media Player. Lighter-weight, less resource hogging software is good, though I'm afraid it's going to keep creeping up as they try to sell more and more stuff (lots of streaming stuff in "Your Groove" now). FLAC support just adds to the enjoyment.

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