I posted to Medium, so now I get a daily "newsletter". It's not super, but this morning I checked out Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Apple’s AirPods by Chris Messina.

He starts, give or take, with this:

Last week, Apple did it again, but for some reason, nearly everyone in Silicon Valley is confused about what just happened. I mean, I understand the confusion, but do people really think that the most significant announcement was the removal of the 3.5mm analog headphone jack? I mean, it was, but not for the reasons everyone’s [in a tizzy].

Apple doesn’t give [two shakes] about neckbeard hipsters who spent thousands of dollars on expensive audiophile gear that rely on 100-year-old technology to transmit audio signals. They’ll readily drop them faster than Trump drops facts to make an argument in a televised debate.

Apple is securing its future, and to do that, it must continue to shrink the physical distance between its products and its customers’ conceptions of self. The Apple ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ came first, busting our sidekick supercomputer out of our pockets and onto our skin. Apple’s next move will put its products literally within earshot of our minds.

He then goes on to recap my Medium post on AirPods (not actually my post, I don't think, but exactly the same ideas, all the way to deriding businessmen who wore Jawbones), but wasted words, less direction, and better pictures.

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