And for another in the, "How many times must I use this before I commit it to memory?" category: How to change the shortcut for multiple cursors on Sublime Text 2:

    // Multiple carets
    { "keys": ["shift+alt+up"], "command": "select_lines", "args": {"forward": false} },
    { "keys": ["shift+alt+down"], "command": "select_lines", "args": {"forward": true} }

You put that into your KeyBindings - User file:

User Key Bindings Location

Here, I'm changing from the default of Ctrl-Alt-up & down to shift so that it doesn't conflict with my WinSplit Revolution settings.

Speaking of WinSplit Revolution, nice that it still works in Win10. That Win10 "window snapping" was a poor replacement.

UPDATE 10 Apr 2017: Probably worth mentioning -- for the sake of over-explicit brainlessness -- that in Sublime Text 3 you insert these in Preferences >>> Key Bindings. There's no -User.

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