I went to build an app package for my newest app -- Podcasters' RSS Feed Generator, which does, not surprisingly, exactly what it says it does -- I got the following error in Visual Studio.

App manifest references the image 'Assets\StoreLogo.png' which does not have a candidate in main app package.

Turns out this is a pretty cryptic error. We get a partial answer from hololens.com:

Best Answer

... but it's not quite that easy. You can't simply rename the file; the images also have to be exactly the right size. Painfully, all the .scale-xxx extensions to the names that I had weren't from Unity; they were from Visual Studio. Et tu, VS? That stinks. Microsoft is helping me create a situation they don't support.

Anyhow, the three I had complaints about with their "correct" sizes are:

  • StoreLogo.png: 50x50 pixels
  • BadgeLogo.png: 48x48 pixels
  • Square71x71Logo.png: 142x142 pixels (of course, right?)

Blasting all the old ones with StoreLogo, etc, in the name and then dropping the new, "correctly-sized" replacements into the Assets folder, then including them in the project from VS, does the trick.

Or so I thought. Now I get...


Description Project



App manifest references the badge
logo image 'Assets\BadgeLogo.png'
which does not have valid dimensions. It must be 24x24 pixels.



App manifest references the square
71x71 logo image
'Assets\Square71x71Logo.png' which
does not have valid dimensions. It
must be 71x71 pixels.


Which is it, dang it?

Visual Studio complaining about BadgeLogo sizing, though we have the size the error window asked for earlier

Answer: Apparently we wanted the sizes the error window wanted. Ignore errors like the ones pictured, above.

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