You can select which level of diagnostic and usage data to provide, but some diagnostic data is vital to the operation of Windows and cannot be turned off. Full is the recommended setting because it gives you the same benefits of Basic and Enhanced, plus all the most effective troubleshooting of Enhanced and Full.

  • Full includes everything in Basic and Enhanced levels, plus additional diagnostic data including the memory state of your device when a system or app crash occurs (which may unintentionally include parts of a document you were using when a problem occurred). It also turns on advanced diagnostic features that can collect additional data from your device, which helps us further troubleshoot and fix problems. When we learn that devices are experiencing problems that we have trouble diagnosing or replicating internally, we will randomly select a small number of devices from those at the Full level that are experiencing those problems from which to gather the data needed to diagnose and fix the problem (including user content that may have triggered the issue). If an error report contains personal data, we won't use that information to identify, contact, or target advertising to you. Full is the recommended option for the best Windows experience and the most effective troubleshooting.
[emphasis mine -- mfn]

I don't know. That sounds like too much to me.

And "unintentionally"? No, that's completely intentional. It's Windows' intention to send back everything that's in your RAM, and that could be gigs of information, couldn't it?

And boy, a little pushy on what's their "recommended" setting, even though there's very little in there that explains why it should be mine.

To, um, "fix" in Windows 10, hit the Windows key, type in "feedback", and then select the "Feedback privacy settings" option.

Feedback Privacy Settings

Then select "Basic" in the "Diagnostic and usage data" section.

Telemetry Feedback Frequency to Basic

I don't think there's an option for less info than "Basic". I also don't remember being asked this when I set up this box, and I'm pretty sure I did the "custom"/manual setup. /shrug

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