(08:48:40) RandmoAIMer1: .NET is the Napster of distributed application programming.
by this do you mean that people will be sharing and swapping bits of code in the same way that they shared and swapped songs on napster?
or do you mean, rather, that it will become a hit with the common man (or weekend programmer) by word of mouth and be a symbol of a shift in the view of programming (to distributed applications) in the same way that napster changed how people viewed music and sharing things online?
or do you mean that in the way that napster brought mp3 to the masses that .net will bring distributed applications to the masses (i.e. they will buy them just like they buy vb shareware now)?
(08:48:58) RandmoAIMer2: Yes.
(08:48:59) RandmoAIMer2: :^)
(08:49:03) RandmoAIMer2: That takes too long to write.
(08:49:21) RandmoAIMer2: Well, it could [mean all that] until the courts shut it [in this case MS] down. :^) Lots of parallels.