8 ways to share your git repository:

Share it over a file share
Instead of having people reference your local repository, you can put your repository on a file share. [instructions follow...]

 I keep wondering the best way to get git started at work, and keep over-engineering.  The best route could be to set up repos on a shared drive.

From the above page:

# First we navigate to the repository place and will create a new project-X dir
$ cd /share/git
$ mkdir project-X 
$ cd project-X

# now we initialize this directory
# but instead of using git init, we use  git --bare init "A short aside about
# what git means by bare: A default git repository assumes that you will be
# using it as your working directory, so git stores the actual bare repository
# files in a .git directory alongside all the project files. Remote
# repositories don't need copies of the files on the filesystem unlike working
# copies, all they need are the deltas and binary what-nots of the repository
# itself.  This is what "bare" means to git. Just the repository itself."

$ git --bare init

# First go to your local repository
$ cd $HOME/project-X
# Then make the link to the shared repository
$ git remote add origin file:///share/git/project-X

# We push to the remote repository
$ git push origin master 
Or the TL;DR version:

$ cd /path/to/networked/repo/location 
$ git --bare init 
$ cd /path/to/local/work 
$ git remote add origin file:///path/to/networked/repo/location 
$ git push origin master

Related usefulness:

$ git remote rm origin
$ git remote add origin file:///driveLetter/path/to/shared/bare/repo

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