COMMENTARY--The idea expressed in many articles--that GNU/Linux is good for
servers but not for the desktop--is a joke. The fact is, Linux will prevail.

by some wacko

what follows is heavily edited:
GNGsNotGNU: I wonder if I agree with that. I think I do. The bottom line is that Linux is evolving, the need for the "latest and greatest" is gone in the PC world, and that eventually it'll catch up with the desktop just as it has with the server-side; an admittedly easier task, imo.
randmo AIMer1: you really should try kde2 or gnome 1.4+ someday. they've gotten over several big humps i think -- fairly stable api(s) for doing apps quickly, fairly usable replacements for word, excel, and ie, and a large enough community of helpers to keep it going for a while, at least
GNGsNotGNU: Sure, but obviously not on par with Windows. Once your proverbial mother can remove the "fairly" from that qualified statement, then we have a winner [and eventually this will happen].

GNGsNotGNU: "No one would buy a car with a welded-shut hood,"
GNGsNotGNU: I'm so tired of that analogy.
randmo AIMer1: no one would buy a banana with a welded shut peel. so much better...