From the VS.NET notes about upgrading an application that was previously written in VB 6.0:

User Controls User controls created with Visual Basic 6.0 can be used in Visual Basic .NET, however there is no design-time support; user control projects can't be upgraded. Modifications to user controls should be done in Visual Basic 6.0.

And believe me, they mean no design-time support. Forms can't access controls within a user control, nuttin'. In a recent VB6 app, we've got the majority of our functionality in user controls to make things easy to see -- sorta using the uc's like a CardLayout in Java. In VB.NET, I'm sunk. Lots of 'UPGRADE_WARNING: Couldn't resolve default property of object ucTemp.Left. Looks like this project is going to live its entire life as a VB6 app.

This is not to say there's no such thing as a user control in VB.NET. Oh, there are user controls. Just for some reason MS won't translate 'em for you. Time to remake the GUIs and reinsert the logic. Half of it is just c&p; not sure how they can translate forms and not user controls. Anyhow, end vent.