It's a weblog about scripting and stuff like that -- the graphic at the top looks a little like something drawn by the people at Penny Arcade. In other unrelated news, Penny Arcade apparently is selling twelve freakin' dollar o' cash freakin' money coffee mugs. Sheesh.

I meant to say that scripting blog looked somewhat interesting. It's yet another URL stolen from In the previous link to, we see just how focused Joe Andrew is in pushing the limits of the client side from within a browser. Certainly the days of the Java applet have been over for quite some time. Crimminy, yes, I realize that wasn't the point of the blurb on his blog; it was *my* point. For Americans -- :^) (I've seen it written that Americans need the smilies to understand you were making a joke, being sarcastic, or, in this case, sounding a bit harsher than you meant things just for laughs)