A while back I incoherently rambled about my fears that .NET would make for even lazier web programmers that those we're faced with today. Today, in an article with high quality quotes like,

And as if the DataGrid wasn't enough, I then found the IE Web Controls. Finally, my beloved TreeView Control could take its place of prominence on my web pages. Like a lost, forgotten lover, my affair with this new technology was ablaze.

... I've begun to see these fears manifest. Luckily the author was basically admitting his misuse of .NET in this article, bringing, in this case, C++ and MFC biases and familiarities to bear on web programming in ways that they didn't really fit. This is much like my original rant in that I'd been afraid people would use .NET to shield themselves from learning to program for the web, but here it's from a fellow who wasn't a wacky VB programmer but a wacky VC++ one.

Unfortunately, this guy sees that he didn't deliver the goods in a useful way but doesn't [yet] understand why his whole approach is wrong. Looks like .NET bringing VB programmers to the web is bad; bringing VC++ programmers might be even worse. As randmo AIMer1 says, "to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail".

Do the people who publish these articles not notice that this [unmodified, double-clicked onto the project control] isn't useful??!!.


In other news, I've started making a conscious effort to get used to vim for asp programming. Toss the mouse in the drink!