VB.NET is entirely different from VB6. The only similarities are skin deep.

For heaven's sake, yes, he's got it. Just read a horrible article in aspnet Pro magazine (or something similar; I'm bad with names) purporting to help you decide which language to use in your .NET coding. "If you like C#, use C#; if you like VB.NET, use VB.NET." It makes me sick. :^) This article is much quicker and, surprise, more useful.

The above article does a great job very quickly showing why you should [probably] use C#. In brief [imo] the points are that the .NET team uses C# to build .NET, the example apps from MS are C# first and VB.NET rewrites when there's time, and that VB.NET is nothing more than a thinly veiled syntax rewrite lain on top of C#'s structure. "Upgrade" a VB 6.0 app to VB.NET using Visual Studio.NET and see for yourself.