Good night we've got some links today. I've been trying to figure out how difficult it'd be to mix Real Basic and Java on Mac OS X. Doesn't seem like it should be that difficult, though I'm not really familiar with Real Basic (Visual Basic on Windows is another story...). The bottom line is that Real Basic calls Mac jive natively and so can Java [on Mac OS X-- in ways Visual J++ (now Visual J#) and Microsoft could only dream of doing on Windows].

Unfortunately when I posted to the Apple Java dev listserv I didn't get any responses from people who programmed Java (though one response from a very active member who was interested in anything I found). Real Basic support didn't have any answers either, but pointed me to a listserv. After posting and then culling through 80+ messages in one day, I still hadn't found an answer.

Finally, someone emailed me directly and pointed me to XML-RPC. Not exactly the solution I was looking for (this is way too much overhead for integrating two apps like I was interested in doing), but the guy who runs the site above has a very active and qute interesting blog. I quickly thought about the parallels between this and SOAP, and started searching in that direction as well.

Here goes... interesting reading from today
XML Toolkit 2.0.1 for Real Basic
XML-RPC "home site"
XML-RPC spec (about seven 9-pt pages)
XML-RPC to SOAP bridges
Quick XML-RPC vs. SOAP discussion
In depth XML-RPC vs. SOAP link
Reply from XML-RPC dude for above link
Tim O'Reilly blog of email from a MS guy who "talks open source" with Hailstorm [sic]

So far it looks like you'd prefer to write XML-RPC if you're writing the communcation between two apps and would rather use SOAP if you'd like Microsoft to write the communication for you. SOAP is more complicated (giant spec with near legalese-quality text), but is certainly what Microsoft is using for web services and .NET. Seems like talking between the two should be easier than it's made out to be.

Anyhow, interesting reading today. I obviously have a due date at COB today for a rather large project.