My follow-up to some poor schmoe who LaMutt's about his job on the Apple Java Developer list, of all places :^) -- which can be found here (pwd and login both == "archives"):

> When you add up everything -- I am the designer, programmer, tester,
> documenter, project manager, occasional sysadmin, and apparently the web
> designer for this project (I'm supposed to come up with some stuff for the
> public web site as well as build a dynamic site to serve our linguistic data
> and video file archives). I am my own mentor. I have no contact with other
> human beings while in the office. I am paid an academic salary with a fixed
> 3% raise each year. And I can't figure out a way out of this that doesn't
> seriously damage the project they hired me to do, albeit less so than
> spending the entire 3 years and delivering nothing.

Welcome to the "Real World".