Wow. if this ASP.NET Web Matrix Project does half of what it claims to do, Microsoft's stock has risen quite a bit in my eyes.

For example:
How big is the ASP.NET Web Matrix download?

The ASP.NET Web Matrix download is about 1.2Mb and expands to 2.5Mb when installed on your computer. Download and installation takes less than 5 minutes on a 56k dialup modem.

Do I need an IIS Web Server to develop web applications using ASP.NET Web Matrix?

No. ASP.NET Web Matrix does not require IIS on a machine for development. ASP.NET Web Matrix includes its own mini-webserver that hosts ASP.NET and can be used for local machine development and testing

... and get this...

What is the price for ASP.NET Web Matrix?

ASP.NET Web Matrix is completely free.

Wow. All it's really missing is, "* Intellisence statement completion support", which, though huge, still makes this an impressive product. Small, "debugging version" of IIS and SQL server, fits on a floppy, and runs on XP home. That's about the last reason I wouldn't want an XP box moved right out of the way. Wonder how the whole, "First hit of heroin is always free," bit will translate here. This is "a technology preview", whatever that's going to mean.

Wonder how this will mesh with SharpDevelop?