Three lessons for people who code browsers.

1.) Right-clicking quickly on a link should open the contents of the link behind the window you're working on (or right-click and "open new window" from context menu). If I'm opening a new window, it's usually because I'm midway through an html page and want to come back when I'm done with the content of the current page. OmniWeb gets this right.

2.) Spell check (I'm not asking for grammar checks, mind you) what I write into textareas. Again, OmniWeb gets this right, but it doesn't work with Blogger's interface (what I'm using to enter this) so it's less helpful than it could be (or at least that's why I still can't spell here).

3.) You should not have to navigate through tiered context menus to see the source in a frame. Mozilla had it right right up to the 1.1a release, iirc, and then botched it (now it's only easy to view the source to the frameset). If you're a web designer, you know what I mean. IE gets this right-er, though you can't see the frameset source with the mouse easily. Mozilla 0.9.9+ had this spot on. I don't have 1.0 nearby, so I'm not sure which side of the fence it landed on.