I feel bad that taxpayer bucks went towards its purchase, but my Powerlogix 1 GHz G4 upgrade for the PowerMac G4 I use at work (previously equipped with a 350 MHz G4) came in today. Wow.

For all my whining about OS X's performance, this has done quite a bit to let me know why people buying new Macs aren't quite as aggravated. I still wouldn't recommend buying an iBook 600 (which has a paltry G3 to boot) if you're doing any sort of software development that has a GUI, but the 800+ MHz G4 models of most anything probably approach usable speeds.

I really wish I had a video card I could slap in to try out Quartz Extreme with the Giga-upgrade. I would imagine that, with that speed-up, you've got a great OS once again. Does it make me feel better about my iBook 500's speed? Course not. Does it make me wish I had $1900 to drop on a new dual-proc PowerMac with a SuperDrive? Better believe it.