Like clockwork. Part nine in an infinitely long series on how to customize the ASP.NET Datagrid.

Just to belabor the point, what he's showing is ostensibly useful, but if you've got to throw in this much to customize the grid, you're so much better off learning how to make the html. You shouldn't tie up so much logic in the GUI.

I'd understand if everything that was being shown had an exact parallel with Windows.Forms in VB.NET or C#. There is a neat niche that Microsoft is opening on the web for people who traditionally limited themselves to desktop applications. If you can use the same code that you use to create a GUI on the desktop, swap out some references, and *poof* run that code on the net, that's a bonus. That's neat.

But if you've got to learn how to smack html into the DataGrid to make it do what you want, you're better off (broken record -- same self-promoting article I keep inserting here) rolling your own. Why limit your skillset to knowing the complete in's and out's of the ASP.NET DataGrid when you could be just as efficiently learning html that will work no matter what the platform?