Requested permission to put up a project on Sourceforge today. Nothing big -- just a simple Java class that makes, well, let me just quote the text in my submission:

jOneOne is a Java project that automates some of the common tasks for porting Java 2 code back to Java 1.1 compliant code. This is accomplished mainly by recursively spidering through the directories of a Java 2 project, and making new Java 1.1 code from the directories' Java files. When objects and imports specific to Java 2 are found which have analogous entries in the Java Collections API for Java 1.1 from the InfoBus project, those imports are changed in the Java source file copies. Because the classpaths for the two object models, Java 2 vs. analogous entries in the JDK1.1 Collections package, are different, simply importing both causes ambiguous object references. jOneOne attempts to automate fixing this process.

jOneOne is particularly useful when targeting the Classic Mac OS, Mac OS 9 and below, which runs Java 1.1.8.

Pretty boring, pretty simple, but a pretty common question on the Mac Java dev list. I don't think people know how much you can do with Java 1.1 when you use the Collections API (same link) and Swing. I've seen at least a few Java apps claim to need Java 2 just because they use Swing for the GUI and a few Vectors. It just ain't so.

Anyhow, been too busy to blog lately so I thought I'd add that bland note while I was thinking about it. Been using Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar or "Jagwyre") part-time for over a week now, and almost have a monster-blog/first impressions written up for that beast. "Quick peek" bottom line: If you don't have the video hardware for Quartz Extreme, spend the C-note on something else.